B2B Lead Generation

Why LinkedIn?

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn against 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook. This stat alone should be enough to convince you to start investing your time in LinkedIn. It’s 4 out of 5 leads from LinkedIn!


But How?

PHASE 1 - Research, Optimization and Setup

In this step we will study and understand  your customers, your company and your market in general to build a customized personalized lead generation plan for your business that will include:
1- Analysis and clear definition of your target customer, its market and the optimization of your offer.
2- Reviewing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to reach and engage your target market
3- we will develop a strategy to engage your target client softly to help you build your credibility and to let your ideal prospects get to know you.

PHASE 2 - Engagement and rapport building

1000-2500 customized messages will be sent manually each month to your target customers. The objective during the campaign is to generate between 200- 400 new connections of 1st degree, ultra-targeted, which can be reached directly for free and with an incredible open rate which  blows email marketing out of the water!

A personalized thank you message will be sent to all those who have accepted your connection request. The message will be sent manually when connecting with prospects.
This will be followed by the delivery of a non-soliciting message series by LinkedIn messenger in a subtle and non-aggressive manner. The main objective is to continually reinforce your authority and therefore the feeling that the prospect knows you which will make your future communications much easier.

PHASE 3 - ROI Driver - Conversion and Reports

We will do all the hard work and warm up your ideal prospects so that when they’re ready to talk, you can just take it from there…
We will teach you how to interact with your leads for maximum conversion
Implementation of a nurturing campaign to continuously generate new clients from this new hot network long after the campaign is over.
This is NOT your typical lead generation campaign which stops the second you stop funding it. This builds you an asset that will pay off for years to come, if used appropriately
Monthly report with all the stats about your  lead acquisition campaign rate so you can monitor your return on investment
As an individual commercial real estate agent it's always been very difficult to compete against the big firms but this novel strategy allowed me to fill my pipeline with prospects. I'm impressed!
As a lead generation specialist myself I'm always looking for novel and more efficient ways to generate leads for my clients and I was using LinkedIn myself but holy cow, I was doing it all wrong!
Working with Eric allowed me to 4X my results while cutting my prices in half!
Kelly Jardine
Benefits Leads Specialist
Our commercial division was struggling to increase our customer base but as soon as we started this incredible LinkedIn outreach campaign we saw an immediate surge in our sales and now our three directors are doing it! Our competition will not know what hit them! 🙂
Peter Stewart

What Can You Expect?

As you can see from this screen capture, after 398 invitations sent he connected to 98 (about 25% conversion) and 55 of them already replied to him which means he engaged himself with 55% of the people who connected with him! We scheduled 4000 connection requests during his 4-month campaign!

Here’s what he said:

I knew it made sense after learning more about all the work that would be done but still, I have to admit, I was skeptical, but after only 3 weeks I'm now booking 2-3 sales calls daily! I'm absolutely floored!
Kelly Jardine
Benefits Leads Specialist

Extra Benefit

A very important extra benefit related to this tactic is that your profile views will increase significantly giving you more visibility which will also force LinkedIn to refer you more often as you will be recognized as an authority in your field. Same concept as ranking on page one of Google… The ones who are seen as the authorities in their field get more visibility, period.

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