Yes, we’ve all been burnt before, myself included, by lead generation companies that sell you unqualified leads that end up wasting two very valuable assets you have in limited quantity: 


Here’s how we differentiate ourselves

We set up a system that generates leads for you on demand

B2B Client Generation

We are using a novel approach you likely never tried before or if you did you didn’t use it correctly because if you had, you wouldn’t be reading this…

This is only for businesses who’s client lifetime value is at least $2000 

Realtors Client Generation

Right now we are working ONLY with REALTORS as we have developed a way to create unlimited ads for unlimited listings at a fraction of what it used to cost agents to promote their listings.

Hint: Relentless (hands-free) follow up strategy 

Here's How We're Different

Optimal targeting

We spend the necessary time before starting the campaign to identify the best possible prospects for your products or services >>> Quality over Quantity <<<

WE build rapport for you

Yes, you read that right. We are doing al the heavy lifting for you to build rapport with your potential clients so that when you talk to them they already "know and trust you"!

You close the deal

Yes, by the time you start talking to them they will be pre-qualified and they will know you, which will make the closing process that much easier... Short of closing them for you, this is as close as it gets from handing you paying customers!

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Professional DFY Social Media Management

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